The Esporta Wash System

Esporta Wash Systems offers a new innovative solution for cleaning and deodorizing sports equipment; namely, cleaning products that are compatible with sports gear, and an innovative Esporta washing machine that can handle large equipment sizes (shoulder pads) and operate without excessive mechanical action (easy on equipment).

The Esporta Wash System also moves the equipment through the water in a ferris-wheel motion, rather than with prolonged soaking, to reduce the overall soak contact time of the foam padding with the wash solution.

Simply because athletes sweat during competition, there has always been a need to clean and deodorize sports equipment, from hockey to football to baseball gear.

Unfortunately, sports equipment is typically either too big, too delicate, or too labor intensive to wash in standard home-style or small industrial machines today. In addition, sports gear manufacturers have recommended that typical gear materials not be soaked for prolonged periods in water, as the materials that make up most sports gear (foam pad, liners) are very difficult to dry.

For more details on the amazing Esporta Wash System, please watch the in-depth video below.