Scientific Soap Technology

The Esporta 4 Stage Detergents

This enzyme based detergent breaks down organic bounds present in odor causing contaminants inside the equipment. This first wash on the equipment helps to eliminate some of the awful smell associated with dirty sports equipment.

STAGE 2 - Penetrator Detergent
This powerful detergent is designed to work deep into the foam and fabrics of the protective gear breaking down stains and foreign bodies like mucus, blood, sweat, dander, fungus, bacteria and mould that is common place in equipment. The low temperature and neutral PH of the detergent is specifically formulated to work with the Esporta System.

STAGE 3 - Force Additive
This is our disinfectant that works on potentially harmful agents in the equipment like bacteria, mould and fungus. The purpose of stage 3 is to eliminate any and all of these contaminates to prevent players from being exposed to agents that can be hazardous to their health. Bacterial rash and fungal infections are just a few of the more common problems seen from wearing unclean protective gear. Our new Force Additive has achieved a complete reduction of Fecal Coliform present in testing of sports equipment prior to our Wash.

STAGE 4 - Signature Fragrance
Signature Fragrance is a final rinse additive that introduces a fresh, clean scent back into the equipment.

Understanding Soaps
Soaps, or detergents, are surface-active agents that assist in the removal of soils from a surface. The primary purpose of detergents is to facilitate the removal of soils that exhibit poor solubility in water. The molecular structure of detergents (surfactants) reveals the presence of a hydrophilic head (water-loving) and hydrophobic (water-hating) tail portion. It is this hydrophobic portion that has the affinity for nonpolar soils (fats, oils, greases), which are then bound up by the surfactants and sent down the drain. In short, detergents remove soil from a substrate (sports equipment), then keep the soils from redepositing back onto the substrate, and, finally, transport the soils down the drain.

Esporta Cleaning Products - What's different?
Esporta has developed a unique product line specifically for the Esporta machine, which consists of four different chemicals, added to their respective wash cycles. These chemicals are made up of TAK 1, Penetrator detergent, Force Disinfectant, and our Signature Fragrance. Our low alkaline formula is compatible for leather and fabric dyes and helps preserve the integrity of the tough articles to clean like gloves, runners and skates.