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You tell us where you want your gear picked up (at home, office, rink, etc) and what time. You also tell us where and when you need it back.

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CCG Esporta Machine

What We Do

First, we inventory your equipment. Then, each piece is inspected for heavily soiled surfaces. These areas are pretreated and hand scrubbed to remove stubborn surface dirt. All gloves are bottle brushed; all helmet screws are checked and tightened, if necessary.

The gear is then loaded into rigid framed nylon mesh bags and inserted into its own cage in the machine, and skates are tie wrapped to a plastic cage. The equipment is held in place to virtually eliminate any wear and tear from the wash process. You can't do that at home! When the gear is removed after the cleaning process it still contains ~15% moisture content. Gloves and skates are put on a glove dryer that circulates warm air inside. The rest of the gear is hung to air dry overnight. Before the dry gear is packed for the customer, it is checked against the inventory list, threads are removed from the Velcro, and any residual lint is removed with an adhesive lint brush. The gear is then packed and ready to be delivered to the customer.

We use the ESPORTA patented, 4-stage wash process. The chemicals used were specifically designed just to clean hockey gear. They include 2 enzyme based soaps, a powerful disinfectant (capable of killing MRSA bacteria), and a pleasant smelling final rinse. Total machine run time is about 2 hours.