Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some common questions asked by our customers:

What kinds of equipment can be cleaned?
If the player can put it on, we can clean it. The equipment is held in place with custom mesh bags during the wash cycles, and the detergents and sanitizers are designed to be gentle and activate at temperatures that avoid damaging plastics, foams and leather.

How long does a cleaning last?
It mostly depends on you, and how much you play.  Do you remember the last time you bought a brand new piece of equipment?  It seemed to stay fresh for quite some time before it developed the ‘smell’.  You can expect to get similar results with the Esporta Wash System process, most of our customers have their gear cleaned about 2-3 times a year.

What’s the difference between our cleaning process and typical commercial machines?
We use The Esporta patented wash process, it is a wet process, it is NOT a dry cleaning process.  Cleaning is done in four separate stages, which also includes a disinfecting cycle.  Commercial machines have 2 cycles. 

Our machine holds the gear in place inside custom nylon mesh bags while the gear is pulled through the cleaning solution.  Commercial machines rely on mechanical agitation to move the gear through the water, causing wear to the equipment.   Our disinfectant is effective at killing the bacteria that causes a variety of skin rashes and infections. The bottom line:  The Esporta process was designed to clean and disinfect all kinds of athletic gear – commercial machines are designed to wash clothes.

How quickly can I get my gear back?
The cleaning process runs for 2.5 hours, and dries the equipment to approximately 10% moisture content.  We then hang the bags to air-dry overnight.  We can have your gear back to you within 24 hours.  For particularly nasty gear we’d like as much time as possible to pre-treat the equipment.

Is the process environmentally safe?
Yes, is not harmful to the environment, the equipment or the operator.  Our process is recommended by the Center for Disease Control to kill bacteria and disinfect sport’s equipment.