About Us


I got involved in hockey when my 14 year old daughter decided she wanted to play the game. It wasn't long before my brand new equipment was exiled to the garage. I had become part of the hockey mystique - the SMELL.

  • The SMELL has been the topic of unlimited locker room conversations.
  • The SMELL causes hockey parents to drive around in sub zero temperatures with the windows open.
  • The SMELL has spawned a plethora of creative attempts to conquer the SMELL ranging from spraying with costly cover-ups, to sometimes elaborate bath tub concoctions to coin operated car washes.

All these solutions are extremely temporary, generally damaging to the equipment and don't attack the problem at the source.


We use the Esporta Wash System which was specifically designed from the ground up to address the SMELL and consequently is the way to clean your athletic gear. The machine holds your equipment in place during the entire process avoiding the wear and tear of regular washing The patent pending, detergents and disinfectants are activated at lower temperatures to protect the foams, plastics and other materials in your athletic gear. The process removes better than 99.9997% of the bacteria, fungus and molds that thrive in sweaty gear. So not only does the Esporta Wash System get rid of the SMELL but also provides health benefits by killing those potentially harmful components.

Colorado Clean Gear opened it's doors on March 15th, 2004. Since we now work out of our home in Superior which allows us greater flexibility to provide even better and more timely service to our customers. It is our mission to change the mindset that the SMELL is something you have to live with. Our cleaning and sanitization process will keep your gear fresh longer. Most of our customers report that they only need to have their gear cleaned 2-3 times per year.