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Yes, you can safely wash hockey equipment, camping gear, horse blankets, fire safety gear, and more! Nearly any soft good can be cleaned and restored using the amazing Esporta wash system.

Colorado Clean Gear is an innovative, home based company that specializes in cleaning and sanitizing all sports equipment. Our eco-friendly enzyme-based detergents and sanitizers eliminate that infamous 'locker room aroma' leaving your gear smelling fresh and clean.

Developed by a hockey mother, the Esporta Wash System effectively kills 99.9997% of all the bacteria, fungus and mold that cause these odors and infections.

Colorado Clean Gear is committed to providing this much-needed service to our community. Not only do we eliminate the foul odor's that exist in sporting equipment, but we are also committed to safeguarding your health by reducing your exposure to harmful bacteria while prolonging the lifespan of your gear.

Colorado Clean Gear is the total sports cleaning solution for today's active, health conscience consumer.

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